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Come to Hart's Hooterhaus in Hustler, WI, USA and enjoy a meal in a welcoming atmosphere or watch the sun set from our Beer Garden. We offer classic American food with a twist, using only the freshest ingredients. With 8 Lanes of Bowling, 4 Lanes of Axe Throwing, 3 Horseshoe Pits, 5 House cornhole boards, 2 Sand Volleyball courts and an Arcade, we have plenty to offer to take a break from the daily grind.  Our friendly staff is always ready to serve you, so come in and experience a delightful evening with Family and Friends!


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Closed Closed 3 Horseshoes & Volleyball, 5pm-10pm 4 Closed 5 4pm-10pm 6 5pm-10pm 7 Axe League Week 2, 12pm-6pm
CLosed Closed 10 Horseshoes & Volleyball, 5pm-10pm 11 Closed 12 4pm-10pm 13 Closed 14 Closed
Closed Closed 17 Horseshoes & Volleyball, 5pm-10pm 18 Closed 19 4pm-10pm 20 5pm-10pm 21 Axe League Week 3&4, 12pm-6pm
Closed Closed 24 Horseshoes & Volleyball, 5pm-10pm 25 Closed 26 4pm-10pm 27 5pm-10pm 28 Axe League Week 5, 12pm-6pm
Closed Closed 31 Horseshoes & Volleyball, 5pm-10pm


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Closed Closed 1 Closed 2 4pm-10pm 3 5pm-10pm 4 Axe League Week 6, 12pm-6pm
CLosed Closed 7 Horseshoes & Volleyball, 5pm-10pm 8 Closed 9 4pm-10pm 10 5pm-10pm 11 Axe League Week 7, 12pm-6pm
Closed Closed 14 Volleyball, 5pm-10pm 15 Closed 16 4pm-10pm 17 5pm-10pm 18 Axe League Week 8, 12pm-6pm
Closed Closed 21 5pm-10pm 22 Closed 23 Hustlerfest, 4pm-10pm 24 Hustlerfest, 8am-10pm 25 Closed
Closed Closed 28 Closed 29 Closed 30 Closed 31 Closed


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1 Closed
Closed Closed 4 Closed 5 Closed 6 Closed 7 Closed 8 Closed
Closed Closed 11 Bowling League Meeting, 5pm-10pm 12 5pm-10pm 13 4pm-10pm 14 12pm-10pm 15 Closed
Closed Closed 18 5pm-10pm 19 League Bowling 20 4pm-10pm 21 12pm-10pm 22 Axe League Week 1/Bowling, 12pm-6pm
Closed Closed 25 5pm-10pm 26 League Bowling 27 4pm-10pm 28 12pm-10pm 29 Axe League Week 2/Bowling, 12pm-6pm

“I've been going to Hart's Hooterhaus for years and it's always a pleasure to experience the amazing food and atmosphere. The staff is always friendly and the food is always delicious. I highly recommend it!”

— James Smith



Enjoy a delicious meal in our restaurant, at the bar or in our beer garden as the sun sets!

Ax- Throwing

Let us take the stress out of your event and book your Axe Throwing Lane today!


Enjoy your time with Family and Friends and Host your special event with us.


Let the good times roll in our  8 Lane Haus with automatic scoring!!!

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Hart's Hooterhaus
Hustler, WI, USA

About us

Hart's Hooterhaus is a restaurant located in Hustler, WI, USA, established in 2019. We offer classic American food with a twist, using only the freshest ingredients. Our friendly staff is ready to serve you and make sure you have an enjoyable experience. Whether you're looking for a casual meal or an event to remember, come to Hart's Hooterhaus for a unique and delicious experience!